Meet the Perfumer of Libertalia: Paul Kiler

When we decided that our first fragrance would be Libertalia, we knew we had to find a world-class perfumer who had depth in the sense that their fragrances showcased a wide range. After a long and storied search, we were pleased to cross paths with Paul Kiler.

Paul has spent many years learning the craft of perfumery and has released his own line while also spending some time working with emerging niche brands such as Zoologist.

We knew that in creating a fragrance that was truly unique, we had to take some risks that may offend some while enchanting others and Paul was certainly up for the challenge. Paul has a reputation for extraordinary quality as he works to create fantastic blends of the world’s best naturals and aromatics.

For Libertalia, Mr. Kiler went to great lengths in securing some incredibly rare and valuable ingredients. As we worked to bring this legendary pirate utopia to life, Paul scoured the regions where pirates were rumored to both play and parley and in each case we researched the goods that were most commonly smuggled and stored in the hold of their ships.

From there, Paul worked diligently to create a scent that would imbue it's wearer with a quiet confidence. A scent that is sophisticated yet full of mystery.

It smells familiar yet somehow also unlike anything you've experienced before. We appreciate Paul's commitment to this fragrance and so has the Institute of Art and Olfaction, who have recognized Libertalia as a finalist for the Independent category in the 2022 Art and Olfaction Awards.